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The story of Wanderlust

Wanderlust is so much more than just a word. It equals freedom happiness and simply describes the desire to explore.

Wanderlust wines are here to connect their fruity taste to a specific moment to take you wherever you want to be.

Escape the fast-paced world of conventions and dream yourself away.


Skitrip mit Wanderlust Weinen

Kimmo (Helsinki)

A glass of this delicious wine after our ski trip in Pallastunturi. I love the fruit flavours paired with crisp acidity. It’s my favourite place to escape the daily routine.

Wanderung mit Riesling Chardonnay wine

Nicole (Mainz)

There are many hiking trails in my region. Sometimes I just pack my bag and go out to enjoy nature. At the end of my trip I enjoy having a glass Wanderlust. It is just so light and fresh in taste – simply the perfect finish for a great day outside.

Boat trip with Wanderlust wine

Caro (Hamburg)

Moin Moin from Hamburg! Let your soul dangle while enjoying a ride on a pedal boat! Accompanied by a glass of Riesling Chardonnay this makes my perfect day trip. Ahoi!


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